Russian gifts and souvenirs

Russian gifts and souvenirs

Russian gifts and souvenirs made of silver for any holiday

Are you looking for a Russian gift for your partner? Are your friends having a wedding? In our online store you will find the best silver gifts and souvenirs from Russia. Bracelets, pendants, silver cutlery, salt shakers — we have everything you are looking for. And if that wasn’t enough, we will make unique and special silver gifts and souvenirs to order.

Take this opportunity to make a personalized gift for your friends or relatives.

silver russian souvenirs and gifts

Only in our silver gift shop you will find the most stylish and original Russian souvenirs and jewelry that you can imagine:

  • rings, pendants, bracelets;
  • book bookmarks, silver ashtrays;
  • salt and pepper shakers;
  • silver spoons and much more.

Weddings, anniversaries and in general all celebrations of this kind deserve a good gift. That’s why we offer you our exclusive silver gifts. We will make an engraving with names or dates so that this day will never be forgotten.

Since it can sometimes be difficult to choose a gift, we have created this small list to help you choose the silver gift that best suits your needs and occasion.

Personalized silver gifts

Below we leave you a list of possible exclusive silver gifts for any occasion:

  • Openwork earrings with a magical glow of cubic zirconia are suitable for a casual look or perfectly complement an evening outfit. This is the perfect gift for you to show your girlfriend, mom or grandma how much you love her.
  • And how do you like a ring for a bridge lover? This is a stylish and original gift — a ring with colored enamel.
  • Rings and earrings made of silver can serve as a gift for a christening, birthday or Christmas. Very beautiful and stylish, a real Russian gift for a girl or for mom.

We also have gifts from Russia for men. A gift that you can make unique by personalizing it with the name of the person you want to give it to. Silver souvenirs with name engraving are perfect for your boyfriend, father or friend who is celebrating his birthday.

souvenirs and gifts from Russia

Silver salt shakers, pepper shakers, napkin stands with engraving for the hero of the day are wonderful gifts for all times.

As you could see, we have very original silver gifts in our silver souvenirs and jewelry store.

Don souvenirs from Russia

The Don souvenir made of silver is the most successful gift in memory of Russia.

Don souvenirs from Russia

You will not be mistaken if you buy a Russian souvenir made of silver. The Cossack theme distinguishes Don souvenirs from standard gifts. Don souvenirs are unique and authentic.

Don souvenirs are unique and authentic.

The history of Rostov-on-Don is inextricably linked with the Don Cossacks. An All-great Don army is recognized today as the most numerous and ancient Cossack army. The most popular souvenirs among tourists are associated with the Don Cossacks, their traditions and way of life.

The most popular souvenirs among tourists are associated with the Don Cossacks, their traditions and way of life.

Russian silver souvenirs from «Artbazar»

In our online jewelry store, you can choose small symbolic Russian souvenirs for gifts to friends and acquaintances, and expensive silver jewelry with gilding and precious stones suitable for a gift to an important person.

Russian silver souvenirs from Russia

Our jewelry workshop offers Russian silver gifts with gilding at great prices:

  • silver spoons and forks;
  • statuettes of Cossacks;
  • animal figurines;
  • key rings with Don Cossack symbols;
  • clips, pins, brooches;
  • silver glasses;
  • salt and pepper shakers, saucepans;
  • business card holders;
  • silver napkin holders.

The salt shaker «Cossack» made of silver with gilding, blackening and enamel is sure to attract the attention of guests and remind them of the hospitable city of Rostov.

In addition to the silver salt shaker, you can give a napkin holder «Wattle» made of silver with gilding.

According to the Don tradition, the Cossacks’ compound was fenced with fences, which were called «fences». Each Cossack could weave a wattle from a vine, which was harvested in early spring.

A practical Russian souvenir- a «GOAT» business card holder made of silver with blackening and gilding can be presented to a business person for desktop decoration.

Silver Russian souvenirs to order

Silver souvenirs to order of original design with precious inserts are offered at favorable prices by the jewelry workshop «Artbazar» in Rostov-on-Don.

Silver Russian souvenirs to order

Our craftsmen are ready to bring to life the most original ideas by creating exclusive Russian souvenirs and gifts made of silver.

The price of custom-made silver souvenirs is always individual and depends on the complexity of the design, the metal and weight of the product and the quantity and quality of precious stones.

Author’s souvenirs made of silver can become the main wonderful gift for foreign or nonresident guests.

Where to buy silver Don souvenirs in Rostov-on-Don

The company «Artbazar» offers:

  • silver souvenirs with gilding, rhodium plating, enamel application;
  • don souvenirs made of silver;
  • delivery of silver products to all regions of Russia at special prices.

Silver gifts for women

Precious gifts for women are made of silver by the Artbazar jewelry company.
Such a gift as a handmade silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones will emphasize the delicate taste and beauty of a woman.

Silver gifts for women

Earrings are a universal Russian gift for women, they can be chosen for any type of appearance, you can give them for any holiday or for no reason.

Silver gifts for women

A silver brooch is also a wonderful gift for a woman.

Laconic brooches made of silver without inserts are suitable for office clothes: a silver brooch in the form of an infinity sign, a fish or a leaf from Artbazar is a good gift for a woman who observes the dress code.

A silver brooch in the form of a pin with turquoise and cubic zirconia is an exquisite gift for a woman, an ornament that suits both everyday and elegant images.

You can always buy exclusive gifts for women made of silver at a bargain price in one of our branded stores or in an online silver store.

exclusive gifts for women made of silver

We make gifts for women from silver:

  • handmade rings;
  • silver pendants;
  • earrings;
  • chains;
  • bracelets made of silver with precious inserts.

Silverware as a gift

Russian silverware received as a gift for a holiday will become the pride of the hostess and will decorate any holiday. Silverware is one of those gifts that are not ashamed to present for any holiday, because every woman will appreciate the practicality and value of silverware.

Exclusive silver spoons as a gift for men and women with blackening, gilding, precious inserts, with custom engraving of original design are offered at favorable prices by the jewelry workshop Artbazar.

You can buy or order to make silver cutlery with engraving from us for a gift.
Russian souvenirs and gifts made of silver «Artbazar» can be bought in our online jewelry store.